A Farewell Poem
Friday, August 27, 2010

Well, you have all been so kind
I hope you won't mind
What I'm leaving behind
If I have been blind
Or sometimes have whined
I hope you forgive
My sins all combined
So I'm in a bind
I won't be defined
Or even confined
You all can unwind
Now I have resigned
But, when I dine
I know...
That friends like you
Are truly...
So hard to find.

A Living Eulogy
Thursday, August 12, 2010

Love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might.
Love your neighbour as yourself.

All my life, since I've known Jesus
This is what I've tried to do
I pray that I have been a blessing to you

Wherever you go, whatever you do
I pray that you know Jesus loves you too

I know I've been selfish and sometimes unkind
I hope you'll forgive me after some time

Please know, that you have been a blessing
To me, yes, it's true
The love you have shown me
In all that you do

I hope you see Jesus in all of my life
His grace is sufficient,
In Him you won't strife

So, if I were to die tomorrow,
This is what, I would want to be read.
I know God's not done with me,
Or else I'd be dead.
But somehow there still is...
This strange sense of dread
What is wrong with me?
I lie on my bed
Regret that You made me?
No, 'twas for me that you bled
There's much left unsaid
Children unfed,
Me, still unwed
My poor aching head
Oh Lord,
I know... You're ahead
Make what You will of me
By You, I'll be led

Welcome to this hobbit's habitat. Yes, I am short, but I don't have furry feet, ok? thank you very much. I love to sing, and dance. Love coffee, and music (anything but heavy metal). Please leave comments!!!

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