'Til the break of day
Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recently, I was at my company's planning retreat. And the opening song was "Give me oil in my lamp".
And suddenly it hit me.
After singing it for so many years.
Suddenly I saw it.
You only need a lamp when it's dark.

And if you're waiting for the break of day... it's gonna be a long wait.
You're probably tired. Sad. And alone.
Coz who's gonna sit up with you to wait for the daylight to come?

Last Sunday was the first time, in a long time, that I was happy to be in church.
No, let me rephrase that.
Last Sunday, I was excited that I was going to meet God in church BEFORE the service started.
The excitement, the anticipation of meeting your best friend, just because.
It was not because of the great sermon you know you're gonna hear.
Or the amazing cell members you'll meet in church.
Or the fantastic worship you know is gonna happen.
It's just coz... He's there.

About halfway through the worship, I was hit by another thought.
(Yes, it's true. I actually think when I'm worshiping.)
And the thought is this: It's easy to be in awe of God when you're on the mountaintop.
For us city folk, that happens about once a year. At best.

It's easy to sing on Sunday, "God, I stand in awe at Your presence".
Or "Down at Your feet oh Lord, is the most high place".
But down at the beggars' feet... not so hot.

It's not easy to be in awe of God when you've got a broken heart.
It's not easy to be in awe of God when you're stuck in a traffic jam. Every day.
It's not easy to be in awe of God when your boss likes to change her mind. Every 30 minutes.
It's not easy to be in awe of God when you're cleaning your baby's poop. Again.
It's not easy to be in awe of God when your husband just WILL NOT throw his socks in the laundry.
It's not easy to be in awe of God when your loved one is slowly, but surely, losing their mind.

But take heart. For the daylight will surely come.
Thankfully, it is He who will give us the oil to keep the fire burning.
It is He who IS faithful, who will help us TO BE faithful.

And when that day breaks upon your shadows of your heart, you will stand.
In awe.


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