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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I've sent out a few emails to some of you updating you on what's been going on so far. But admittedly, it must be quite boring without some pictures to go with it. So here you go!

This is just one of the buildings on campus. I thought it looked pretty cool. Especially the entrace. And it was a beautiful day out, so I took a couple more photos.

Doesn't Chiam look so funny here? heheehhe

We took a bus down to town. And here's what I saw from the bus. I'm sorry, but I was just thinking it would be a total joke to have that in kl. The poor pedestrian would probably get run down!

In true Swen style, I have started taking pictures of food that I eat. You see that roti-canai looking thing on the right hand side? well, it's actually dumplings. We couldn't distinguish it at first. So on the left side, that's what it looks like minus the top-crust. We had taufu, kong po kai, and chinese tea! Man, i do so love tea.... Whatever you do, don't order the taufu, ok? We ate at this restaurant somewhere around chinatown. Apparently there are quite a lot of nice and cheap places to eat ard here. But cooking is still the cheapest option. I can't believe we bought 1kg of bacon for $6!!!

It was Chiam's birthday on the 21st (Fri), so we all went out on Sunday evening, to Cafe Primo's. Very small, warm cafe which serves Italian food. I always can't help but notice that Adrian is always very happy when he eats. Really! I can just watch him eat. He's damn cute. hehehe (adrian's the guy in purple, btw). So in total, there was abt 20 of us there. It was practically a HELP reunion! Hehehe

Don't Ashley and I look alike? Hehehe

Chiam cooked dinner the other night. We had steak and boiled potatoes with veggies. Looks good, kan?

After that it was my turn to cook, so I baked pasta. unfortunately, we didn't buy short pasta. So what do you do? you make your long pasta short.

Ta-da! Short pasta!

Ok, i'm damn malas to upload pics already, so it's just regular updates now.
Well, there isn't really much to see around Adelaide. Just quite a lot to shop. Sigh....shopping here will be the end of me! It's sales now, and I'm so tempted to buy everything!
ooh! one last pic before I go!

I am now the proud owner of this Motorola V3X! Ok, ok. the msg-ing still takes some getting used to, but in general, it's not bad. At least a WHOLE lot better than my old phone la, ok?
ok, i'm tired already. This post has taken me ages to write.
Ltr, peeps!


Blogger andrea said...

Wah!!! your phone is so orange!!!

August 8, 2006 at 1:12 PM

Blogger HobbiT said...

haha! FINALLY! a COMMENT!!!!
this is history! andrea has officially made the first comment on my new blog! hehehe
yeah, i know. EVERYBODY in adelaide has this phone. but everybody has it in black. only the select few have it in orange and hot pink. so there you have it. heheheh
i miss you, babe. i just read ur blog. good luck with the job hunt. i think u shld go for the dance instructor thingy. it's never too late, u know?
take that giant leap. you'll always regret the things you didn't do more than the things you did.

August 8, 2006 at 2:39 PM


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