Dear Yang,
Saturday, June 23, 2007

I had meant to write you a proper letter by hand, but with the chaos of exams, and your swift departure, I had no chance to do so. I thought, "maybe I'll write one and wait for him to come back before giving it to him". But I think the emotions would not be the same.

I just wanted to thank you. For being an amazing friend to me. You have a heart that is both kind and generous, though your bank account may not always allow you to be so. =p (Quit smoking, dude!) =D You have been a blessing not just to me, but all...ok, most of us in the house. Before you even left, we started missing you already. Gushes of poetry and home-cooked meals, our retarded way of telling you that we love you. Curses for getting to eat Malaysian food are for real though. =p

Who woulda thought we'd miss you this much? You see? Stupid Yang. You have gotten under our skin. Who asked you???? Hmph! >.<
You've created a void in each member of our family here at the-house-so-freaking-near-to-uni-that-after-awhile-you-feel-campus-is-so-
What're we going to do without you now? The weird thing is, I'm not even really sure what you did, man. Make a few coffees, smoke a couple of cigarettes, listen to all of us whine, walk the dogs reluctantly, eat tons of instant noodles and *BOOM* you've won a place in our hearts. Man... are we easy or what?

So Yang, thank you. For making our lives here in quiet Adelaide so much more memorable. We toast our iced cappucinos, and the leftover chips from Magill BBQ in rememberance of you. =) Yes, we shall miss YOU, the Piglet-toting man, and not your PS3. Life at 17C+D will not be the same without you. We will not be the same without you.

Much love,
From us to you.


p.s. I noticed that this is the first time that you didn't say "Damn, I should've studied" after every paper. =D We're growing up, man!
p.p.s. Dan says: f*ck you, yang. I don't miss you. I am jantan. By the powers of gray-skull, I have the power!!!! HE-MAN!
p.p.p.s. Jon says: ....


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