Saturday, October 14, 2006

There is SOOOOOO much to blog about!!!!
Sigh...ok, let's start small. Tomorrow I celebrate my 2nd anniversary with Chiam. And of course this is rather exciting for me. Will post up pictures after tomorrow. (No promises when exactly that will be though).
OK. Gold coast. Well, there's just so many pictures, I'm not sure where to start.
Right, we'll just start from Dreamworld.

Tickets for Dreamworld and Movieworld were $59 each!!!! But it was worth it la.

Just inside the entrace. Had to do the group-photo la.

Aren't the shops just adorable? Looks so disneyland. Hehe...not that i've been to disneyland... nvm. one day...

Apparently I don't do crocodiles...


Nothing much there...just some cute sleeping tigers. Wanna see?

Super-cute, right? Hehe...
Anyway, the highlight of Dreamworld.....

See that long, thin thing in the distance? Excuse the poor quality. It was taken while travelling on the bus. Well, anyway. That's the Tower of Terror. To give you a better idea...

That's how tall it was.

Quite scary, right? 120 metres. don't play-play.
It was pretty cool. There's also the Giant Drop for which they use the same tower, just on the other side. If you look at the picture u can see the carriage on the right side. The view from up there is awesome. Although it's a little hard to stay calm and enjoy it when you're just panicking from when you'll actually drop, and when you do, it's so fast that you end up screaming AFTER you've dropped.
This was what my hair looked like after.

Yep. I have a fringe now.


Anonymous foongjin said...

HAAHHAHAAH i'm sorry, but the pic of you after the Giant Drop is so funny. the look on your face is like..."wtf just happened?!" looked like you just woke up too.

October 22, 2006 at 10:16 PM


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