A tribute to us
Thursday, March 15, 2007

As some, maybe most of you know, things are over now. As in, it's OVER. And just to indulge myself, and perhaps entertain the rest of you in the process, here's a tribute to us, and what we shared. I will always love you and I miss you. And maybe someday. Maybe someday. But harder still, is facing the truth of the matter. But for now, I want to celebrate the memories that we shared. So here's to us.

Thank you. For everything.


Anonymous jann said...

hey! actually i thought i'll email u personally but since u always asked us to comment, here it is. hehe. i didn't know it ended already. how did it happen and when? u ok? well, i hope you've prepared urself for it. and don't worry, life goes on. if u need to talk i'm here ok. =) take care ya! huggies! =D

March 20, 2007 at 1:51 PM

Anonymous Cor said...

argh!! you two been through loads!
more than me. although mine WAS slightly longer. hehe
anyways.. yeah.. try not to feel so much if he doesn't want to talk to you or anything.. remember.. it takes time.. time time time.

just like me. you can do wat i do to if you want. enjoy, and keep your whatever depression or sadness for later b4 you sleep. LOL. thats what i do. yeah.. anyways.. if you ever need someone to talk to you know you have me too. =p
cuz you know what? you'll forever be that person i call sweetie, cuz you're sweet to me. :)

here's your comment. lol.. no need for my apology anymore. :p

March 26, 2007 at 10:37 PM


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